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5k Fun Run, Walk or Jog

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All are welcome to join our
Tree-Mend-Us Team!

Join participants the world over as they run to curb climate chaos and take the sting out of the planet’s extreme weather events. Join us in person at Hyde Park, or run, jog or walk the 5k in your neighbourhood or local gym.

Be part of our champion collective by donating £2.50 (or more if you wish) to Word Forest. That’s enough to plant a tree and contribute to another of our projects to help the tree planters.

Date: 23rd April 2022
Venue: Hyde Park, London
(or where you like 22nd - 24th April)


Meet by The Boat House at 8:45am for a 9:00am start. WhatThreeWords: ///gains.forest.gains

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Four Kenyan boys with a football

There’s no obligation to donate to our reforestation charity to take part in Run For The Trees but we really hope you will!

Every single donation helps mitigate our global climate crisis. It also helps Kenyan tree planting communities strengthen their resilience against extreme weather in many ways. 

Our humanitarian projects include permaculture training, income generating workshops, the building of schools and much more.

Visit to find out more about the charity behind the Sports Climate Alliance.

Joy and Mother of the Forest


Pays for 1 fast-growing tree to be planted in Kenya. Many are fruit or nut bearing trees, helping eradicate hunger and poverty too.


Plants 4 trees in Kenya that draw down and lock in 1 tonne of CO2.


Plants 10 trees, locks in 2½ tonnes of CO2 and enables a tree planter to feed their family for a week.


Plants 20 trees, locks in 5 tonnes of CO2, almost half of what a person in the UK generates in a year. It also buys a robust wheelbarrow for one of our tree planters.